The God of High School Episode 7 "anima/force" precedent cuts and synopsis

The synopsis of the episode 7 "anima/force" of the THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL scheduled to be broadcast on August 17th (Monday), the preceding cut and synopsis has arrived.The anime covers till chapter 49 of the manhwa.

Episode 6 Recap

Mori’s missing grandfather, Jin Taejin, refuses to join a mysterious cult, so they summon their God to destroy him. Mori is now Seoul’s regional champion and can compete in the National Tournament with a team of the regionals strongest three fighters. Mira defeats her next opponent, making her the third fighter. Mujin hopes one fighter from Nationals will awaken as “the Key”. The Commissioners worry over a group called NOX interfering so Mujin summons The Six, including his elderly former instructor who decides to make Mori his pupil to provoke Jin Taejin. While shopping Mira meets the tournaments announcer, Sim Bongsa, with his family and realises Bongsa is actually blind. He advises her to channel her feelings into her sword to find the true strength of Moon Light Style, revealing it was Moon Light Style that blinded him. As Bongsa leaves he is approached by a NOX assassin. Daewi demands Mujin tell him about the powers behind the tournament, so Mujin tells him about Charyeok, fighters who borrow power from Gods, demons, even historical heroes, and Mujin wants to find the strongest. The remaining members of The Six receive their summons and start to move. Daewi tells Mori and Mira about Charyeok, though this only makes Mori more excited about fighting strong opponents. As the National tournament begins it is revealed the assassin killed not only Bongsa but also Commissioner Q.

 Episode 7 "anima/force" 


The first match of the national competition. Mori fights using secret technics given by Bonchim of THE SIX, but for some reason he cannot move his body and loses. In the next pass, the oldest player at the tournament 38 years old comes to fight. The day was overwhelmed by the powerful attacks from both sides.

Meanwhile, Executive Committee member Q suffers from the attack from Drake, a member of Nox. By removing the limiter band, Q uses the power borrowed power from God to embody the "joker"!

Precedent Cuts:

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