The God of High School Episode 9 "curse/cornered" precedent cuts and synopsis

THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL Episode 9 "curse/cornered" is scheduled to be broadcast on August 31st (Monday), the preceding cut and synopsis has arrived. Till episode 8 they have covered till chapter 60 of the manhwa.

Episode 8 Recap

The South Jeolla team enter the semi-finals after the victory of Park Ilpyo using the ancient martial art Taekkyon and his Borrowed Power, Nine-Tails Guardian. Mori is suspicious the tiger on Ilpyo’s jacket is the same as Taejin’s military uniform. 

Daewi becomes interested in acquiring a Borrowed Power while Mori decides against using Borrowed Power. Mori is approached by Ilpyo who explains after his father died and his mother abandoned him Taejin gave him a Taekkyon training manual written by Ilpyo’s deceased grandfather, inspiring him. 

Taek attempts to assassinate Ilpyo, almost killing Mori, but Ilpyo saves Mori. Q learns Bongsa’s wife and baby are alive; Drake having actually killed doppelgangers created by P after Bongsa was killed. Mujin informs Q nine months’ salary will be confiscated to cover the damages of his fight with Drake. Q runs into Daewi who, seeing Q has no money, offers him one free meal a day in exchange for Borrowed Power training. Mujin informs the Commissioners they have permission to use the full power of their Borrowed Power’s to prevent NOX assassinating the Key. 

Mori becomes depressed over missing Taejin. Daewi and Mira receive anonymous messages informing then it is Mori’s birthday and rush to celebrate with him, cheering him up. They decide to win the tournament together then duel each other to decide who is strongest. Mori receives a map and a photograph of Taejin imprisoned, missing his arm but still alive.

Episode 9 "curse/cornered"

Bo-Ra and Daewi


Mori finds out that his grandfather Taejin is detained and rushes to the place of confinement. Daewi and Mira, who do not know the situation, decide not to wait for Mori's arrival, and Mira will enter the team competition alone. Mira struggles with the elusive fighting method of Ma-Rin. It was Mira's beloved sword that she had were in the hands of Ma-Rin, who had prevented her attack with Mira's sword. When Ma-Rin put up the wooden sword called National treasure, the blade began to shine white, revealing his true appearance and his power.

Precedent Cuts:

 Source : goh-anime

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