The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 6 Precedent cut and Synopsis

The Misfit of Demon King Academy episode 6 "Magic Sword Tournament", synopsis and the preceding cut arrived.

Episode 5 Recap:

In the past, a swordsman, Shin, won a great victory for Anos and was granted the ability to reincarnate. In the present, the teacher announces a royal student famous for his sword skills is transferring into the academy. Anos then thwarts the teacher's attempt to sabotage of the results of the academy challenge. Misa Iriologue, a classmate, informs Anos she is a Unitarian, dedicated to forming a fair society instead of one where royalty can abuse hybrids. Anos is intrigued to learn Melhis Boran, another Elder Demon Emperor, is a Unitarian. Anos learns Misa's royal father, unwilling to admit he had a hybrid daughter, has not spoken to her in years, except to give her half a magic sword. Anos decides to let Misa and her Unitarian classmates join his team if they prove themselves. The academy begins magic sword lessons where Anos and the transfer student, Ray Gransdori, are the only ones strong enough to wield magic swords. Ray asks to join Anos' team, disregarding his own royal status. Anos refuses and tells Ray and Misa to challenge him in the next team exam duel. Misha and Sasha defeat Misa and the Unitarians. Anos holds his own against Ray using just a tree branch while Ray starts to remember having dueled Anos before. Anos finally claims victory and becomes convinced Ray is Shin's reincarnation. Ray promises to defeat Anos at their next duel.

Episode 6 "Magic Sword Tournament"


"Let's finish in a minute"

Ray and Misa decided to join the Anos team after being recognized for their success in the team-based test. After that, after sharing the joy at the celebration held at the Anos family, Ray and Anos were selected as participants in the magic sword competition for a while. In contrast to Ray, who is pleased that the chance of a rematch has come early, Anos cannot dispel the suspicion that "there may be something wrong." Then, for the guidance, he met Melheis Boran, one of the Seven Devil Emperors, and the situation accelerated.

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