The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 8 Precedent cut and Synopsis

The Misfit of Demon King Academy episode 8 "The Final Duel", synopsis and the preceding cut arrived.

Episode 7 Recap:

Anos easily defeats Krut which angers Emilia. This is followed by Lay winning his match. Backstage, Anos and Lay confront each other where Anos notices something is wrong. After he wins his next match, Anos gives his mother his sword. He and Misa then head to the hospital. There, they meet Lay's adoptive mother who has Spirit disease. She reveals Lay is being controlled by the Royalists. 

Afterwards, Misa volunteers to help her. Meanwhile, Emilia confronts Anos's mother and their Unitarian classmates. She assaults them with magic to destroy the sword, but the Unitarians use magic to protect Anos’ mother, at the cost of getting severely burned. 

When Anos arrives, he freezes Emilia then heals all the girls and his mother. Anos asks each girl their name and expresses his thanks to how he is indebted to them for protecting his mother. He angrily teleports Emilia to the arena where he stabs her with a sword and gets her to acknowledge that he is the true Demon King of Tyranny, then he kills her. He then resurrects her as a hybrid to torture her for her prejudice-fueled sins and puts a curse on her so that should she die by her own hands, she will always be resurrected as a hybrid. 

Back at the hospital, Lay stops Misa to protect her life force. He then has a conversation with his adoptive mother where she tells him to live his life the way he wants to. Lay leaves before Anos can return. The next day, Anos and Lay face each other in the finals.

Episode 8 "The Final Duel"


Dilheid Magic Sword Tournament Final-Anos and Ray clash, both of them made a decision because he was taken hostage by Emilia and was forced into a situation where she could not fight with her full potential. Then, at the moment of settlement, a huge magic team suddenly appeared on the stage. Then scenery around them becomes distorted and they are thrown into a different dimension. The scene behind the incident finally reveals its appearance. 


Precedent Cuts:

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