Toutotsu ni Egypt Kami Anime will Release in December

Toutotsu ni Egypt Kami(Suddenly, Egyptian Gods) web anime get a release date of December 2020. The official website of the television anime released new preview and name of the staff, cast members.

The cast member announced for the shows are:

  •     Hiro Shimono as Anubis
  •     Yuuki Kaji as Thoth
  •     Yu Kobayashi as Bastet
  •     Tomoya Nakamura as Narrator
  •     Hikaru Midorikawa as Medjed
  •     Hiroyuki Yoshino as Seth
  •     Nobunaga Shimazaki as Horus
  •     Kenjiro Tsuda as Ra
  •     Koji Yusa as Apep
  •     Daisuke Namikawa as Khnum
  •     Yukari Tamura as Sa-ta
  •     Shouta Aoi as Wenet

The anime will about the Egyptian Gods and their leisure life in the Hot Weather of Egypt.

Animations will be distributed on U-NEXT, d Anime Store, Abema TV, FOD, Bandai Channel, GyaO!, YouTube and others from December in Japan. 

Frontline Works will be working on the anime. Katsuya Kikuchi will be directing the series, composition will be handled Yuichiro Higashide, and the character design and total drawing director is Rena Okuyama. 

In addition, a Preview was shown to give a glimpse of the freedom of god life by Egyptian gods.

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Source: Official Website