Appare-Ranman! Episode 13 Synopsis and Preview

Appare-Ranman! Episode 12 "WE WILL STOP YOU!!" synopsis and preceding cut is released. The anime started airing from April 2020 but postponed due to pandemic. Now it started premiering from 24th July.

Episode 12 "OVER THE MOON"

A deadly battle with the Gil crew that unfolds as one. Meanwhile, the train loaded with Sophia and a large amount of dynamite was approaching the festival-filled city of Chicago every moment ...! Gil tries to inform by a catastrophe that the violent "power", which is beyond the development of railways and the invention of cars, will continue to dominate the world. Can the heavens stop the plot and receive the blessing of the checkered flag !?

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Episode 11 Recap

While Gil the Butcher amuses himself by mistreating his hostages, including Sofia, the Great Race competitors complete repairs to their vehicles with the help of Carter's mechanics. After Kosame joins Appare and the others after his treatment, the competitors head for Gil's likely hideout, a ghost town 90km away from the town. When they arrive, Dylan and TJ make a frontal attack while the others try to locate and rescue the hostages. Gradually they overcome Gil's men and eventually track their leader down to the local church; however, as Appare, Al and the others hear gunshots coming from the church, they quickly rush over to rescue Sofia.

About Appare-Ranman!

Appare-Ranman! (天晴爛漫!) is an original Japanese anime television series produced by P.A.Works, and directed by Masakazu Hashimoto. The series premiered on April 10, 2020. A manga adaptation by Ahndongshik was announced on March 4, 2020.

The Story is about Appare Sorrano, a socially-awkward inventor living in a small rural town in Japan in the late 19th century. Fascinated since childhood by the creation of steamships that can connect people across great distances, he's learned to make machines of all kinds from various scientific texts. His goal is to sail across the sea, beyond the sky, and ultimately, to the other side of the moon.

Unfortunately, through a string of events, Appare finds himself stranded in the middle of the sea on his mini steamship. Floating alongside him is a skilled but cowardly samurai, Kosame Ishikki, who was tasked to keep his eccentric behavior in check. Just when all hope seems lost, a large steamship saves them and takes them to Los Angeles. With no money or plans, they decide to participate in the "Trans-America Wild Race," which gives Appare the chance to build his own automobile, and Kosame the opportunity to use the cash prize to return home. However, against rival racers and unknown challenges residing in the wilderness, just how far will this adventure take Appare and Kosame?

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