Deca-Dence Episode 10 Synopsis and Preview

Deca-Dence anime Episode 10 synopsis and Preview is released. The anime started airing from July 2020. Deca-Dence anime Episode 10 release date is September 9th.

Episode 10 "brake system"


As the Gadoll die off all around them, the true nature of Deca-dence shocks Natsume to her very core. Katsuragi tries one more thing to shut down the system itself.


Deca-Dence Episode 9 Recap:

The operation to shut down the Gadoll factory commences, with the bugs polluting the lake above them with smoke to eliminate the in-production Gadoll. 

Kaburagi and Natsume infiltrate the factory from the outside but encounter Hugin who attacks them. An enhanced security team begins to scrap the bugs, horrifying Sarkozy after Turkey promised their safety in exchange for betraying Kaburagi's plan. Following a performance upgrade by Jill, Donatello arrives to save the remaining bugs and Turkey admits that he and Sarkozy tipped off Hugin. 

During the battle, Sarkozy is mortally wounded and Turkey flees for his life but Donatello throws him into the cesspit as penance for his insubordination. With the last of his energy, Sarkozy detonates himself and falls into the cesspit, triggering an explosion which destroys the Gadoll factory reactor. 

This gives Natsume and Kaburagi an opportunity to escape Hugin and reach the control room of the Gadoll Genocide System where they shut down production and eliminate all the currently active Gadoll. Kaburagi then begins to tell Natsume the truth behind the existence of himself and Deca-dence.

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