Deca-Dence Episode 11 Synopsis and Preview

Deca-Dence anime Episode 11 synopsis and Preview is released. The anime started airing from July 2020. Deca-Dence anime Episode 11 release date is September 16th.

Episode 11 "engine"


On the run from the game police, Natsume is saved at the last moment by Kaburagi. What follows is a desperate battle between this new Gadoll and Deca-dence, with Kaburagi and Natsume once again entering the melee.


Deca-Dence Episode 10 Recap:

Kaburagi explains to Natsume that the world she knows was created by the cyborgs. Kaburagi goes on to explain that her father was killed after he came too close to knowing the truth about Deca-dence which shatters her understanding of her own existence. 

Meanwhile, staff of the GGS escape from the facility while all the Gadoll disintegrate without the technical support of the system. However, one is wounded by a dying Gadoll and later he is killed when a Gadoll similar to the one which wounded him emerges from his body. 

Jill informs Kaburagi that the bugs are being rounded up by the Game Police and so Donatello, Jill and Kaburagi help the surviving prison cyborgs escape Deca-dence. They hide in a junkyard of old Deca-dence parts where Jill logs in so that Kaburagi can contact Natsume with his human avatar. 

Just after they meet and she agrees to help him in his quest, Hugin arrives and kills Kaburagi's avatar. Kaburagi returns to his cyborg body just in time to see a massive Gadoll approach the junkyard.

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