Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11 Synopsis and Preview

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11 "Dark Hero", Synopsis and Precedent cut has arrived. It will broadcast on September 12th.

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Episode 11 "Dark Hero"


Shinra and his friends, who have returned to the Tokyo Empire, report to Captain Obi that there is a possibility that the Holy scriptures are false. The 8th Special Fire Brigade couldn't find the way to go, as the distrust of Holy Sol Temple increased. Meanwhile, a certain man visits Benimaru, the 7th special fire brigade that protects Asakusa.

Precedent Cuts:

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11

Episode 10 Recap:

Shinra accepts the offer of one second of Adolla Grace from the woman in black. He uses it in an attack on Tempe and finds that his body travels at light speed causing time to run backwards. He sees back to the time when Tempe survived Great Cataclysm but found himself alone. 

It was then that the Evangelist emerged from the Spatial Rift and used a fire bug to turn Tempe into an Infernal Demon. In real time, Shinra's attack takes only an instant and he destroys Tempe in a massive burst of flame some distance from the forest. The woman in black then communicates to Shinra that she was enkindled with an Adolla Burst by an Evangelist insect, and then used her energy to create the oasis for the animals. 

The Fire Force team reunite and share their information, deducing that the Amaterasu in Tokyo, controlled by the Holy Sol Temple and Haijima, is also probably powered by a human, but who was an unwilling sacrifice and now resents humanity. Also they suspect that the Evangelist plans to sacrifice the eight Pillars and use Amaterasu to kick start a second Great Cataclysm. Having completed their mission, the Fire Force team head back to the Tokyo Empire and report to Captain Obi.

About Fire Force Season 2

The second season of the Fire Force anime television series is animated by David Production. It is based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo. Tatsumi Minakawa replaced Yuki Yase as director of the series. The series premiered on July 3, 2020.

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