Dropkick on My Devil! Receiving Season 3

Dropkick on My Devil! decided to pursue Season 3 by Crowdfunding which started at 11:00 pm on September 29th, 2020. The goal was to collect up to 20 million yen(US 190,000). 

Surprisingly the goal was completed in 33 hours and Season 3 is slated to be broadcast in 2022. As 2022 will the 10th anniversary of the Dropkick on My Devil! manga.

Till now around USD197,000 is been collected and still, 92 days are left for the campaign.

Dropkick on My Devil! (邪神ちゃんドロップキック) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yukiwo. The series began serialization in Flex Comix's Comic Meteor web magazine in April 2012. Fifteen volumes have been released as of June 16, 2020. An anime television series adaptation by Nomad aired from July to September 2018, with an additional episode streamed online on October 1, 2018. A second season aired from April to June 2020. 


Jashin-chan is a demon who was summoned by Yurine Hanazono, a gothic looking girl. Unable to return home as the relevant spell was not included in the summoning grimoire, Jashin-chan resorts to violence to liberate herself from her earthly shackles.

However, this is easier said than done, as Yurine is no weakling herself. She in fact possesses formidable physical power and uses it to massacre Jashin-chan in a variety of ways, be it shoving her arm in a blender, spreading her intestines across the room or even cooking her. Though these actions would be fatal to anyone without the ability to regenerate, Jashin-chan isn't exactly undeserving of this treatment. Stuck with each other, Yurine lets Jashin-chan live with her in exchange for work around the apartment, and this cohabitation results in situations where, more often than not, Jashin-chan ends up in pieces.

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