Fire Force Season 2 Episode 14 Synopsis and Preview

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 14 "A Pair of One-Eyes", Synopsis and Precedent cut has arrived. It will broadcast on October 3rd.

Episode 14 "The Ashen Reaper"


Haijima Industries, a large corporation that is a pillar of the imperial economy. The Special Fire Force Company 8 decides its next goal to investigate the Haijima Industries. The "capacity development facility" in Haijima, to which Shinra belonged when he was young. A secret experiment was underway at the facility that studies Adolla Burst.

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Precedent Cuts:

Episode 13 Recap:

Commander Burns and Joker discuss the time they experienced the Adolla Link, transported to a different dimension where each lost an eye and Joker brought back a purple flaming stone. Burns hands Joker the notebook of the wife of Raffles I, which after years of investigation, he believes is the only document detailing events of the Great Catastrophe and foundation of the Tokyo Empire. 

It describes the discovery of the Adolla Burst and creation of the Amaterasu. However, she wrote that Raffles appeared to be a different person on his return, indicating that the Holy Sol Temple may have been set up by an inhuman who had taken Raffles' place. Meanwhile, Yona reveals to other Knights of the Ashen Flame that he impersonated Raffles I and created the Holy Sol Temple on orders of the Evangelist. 

Joker then turns his attention to Haijima Industries which he believes must be linked to the Evangelist. At Company 8, Lisa arrives on her release from hospital and they all learn about the outcomes of Shinmon and Joker's investigation. 

Victor is called into Haijima Industries following his report on the Chinese Peninsula expedition. He meets company president, Gureo Haijima who asks Victor to bring Shinra to them. After Victor leaves, Haijima orders that he be eliminated because he has learned too much.

About Fire Force Season 2

The second season of the Fire Force anime television series is animated by David Production. It is based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo. Tatsumi Minakawa replaced Yuki Yase as director of the series. The series premiered on July 3, 2020.

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