Gintama: The Final Revealed Release Date

Gintama: The Final Anime Film has revealed a new visual and trailer. The film will premiere in Japan on January 8th. The movie animation is handled by BN Pictures.

Gintama: The Final

Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya (劇場版 銀魂 完結篇 万事屋よ永遠なれ) is a 2013 Japanese animated film produced by Sunrise based on the Gintama manga and anime series. It was directed by the director from the anime series Yoichi Fujita and based on a story by Hideaki Sorachi, Gin Tama's original author.[2] It stars Tomokazu Sugita, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Rie Kugimiya among others. The film focuses on the freelancer samurai Gintoki Sakata in a time travelling story where he encounters older personas of the people he met in Edo.

The Final Chapter was first announced August 2012 although major details were not released until early 2013. Although the film has been marketed as "Final Chapter" Sorachi and Fujita did not confirm it was the last anime production from Gin Tama; the former wrote the story with the concept of the series' ending. Two themes were provided by the bands SPYAIR and Tommy heavenly6, with latter's song having already been used in the television series. 

Source - Warner Bros