Idol×Audition×Reality Show SELECTION PROJECT television anime Announced

SELECTION PROJECT is a national idol audition reality show, which is held every summer and is said to be the biggest gateway to dreams for girls who want to be idols and wants to won this audition. They made an equally spectacular debut and is gaining popularity both at home and abroad.

The Anime is about the National Idol Audition Reality Show, documentary footage of girls who have won nine regional qualifying rounds in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kita-Kantou, Minami-Kantou, Kansai, Chubu, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu / Okinawa will challenge the final audition. 

The anime will premiere in 2021 and Doga Kobo will be animating the series. A new preview and anime characters are also released.


Synopsis -

Held every summer, the biggest gateway for girls who want to be idols, SELECTION PROJECT It is a longing stage for all girls who strive to be idols . And the place where the legendary idol Amazawa Akari was born. Suzune Miyama is also one who longed for such a dream stage. Having been sick since childhood, she listened to the song of the light many times in the bed of a hospital room.

             "Her singing voice gave me a lot of smiles and courage. You can support someone, make                         someone smile, you can bring happiness to someone ..."

            "I want to be an idol like Akari-chan"

In the last summer of junior high school, Suzune decides to challenge the 7th SELECTION PROJECT to make her dream come true. The girls who challenge SELECTION are all children who have a strong feeling that is second to none, accumulated efforts, and extraordinary charm. Still, only a few stars are selected from among the thousands of candidates . Now, the hot and harsh battle of the girls begins to make their dreams come true

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