Macross Frontier New Theatrical Short Macross F: Toki no Meikyuu Announced

Macross Frontier also known as Macross F is a Japanese anime television series and the third Japanese anime television series set in the Macross universe. It was broadcast on MBS from April 4, 2008 to September 26, 2008.

A completely new Macross F theatrical short titled Macross F: Toki no Meikyuu has been announced and will screen alongside Macross Delta: Zettai LIVE!!!!!! this year. The animation production is will be handled by Satelight Studio.

Macross F: Toki no Meikyuu

Macross Frontier is the story of a human space colony fleet trying to find a habitable planet near the center of the Milky Way. The story focuses on three young adults (a famed pop singer, a private military pilot, and a rising pop singer) and the events that occur around them as the fleet faces a crisis of alien origin.

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