Director Saku Sakamoto Unveils Stunning Poster for 'Feast of Amrita' with Aruma's Theme and Image Songs

Director Saku Sakamoto Unveils Stunning Poster for 'Feast of Amrita' with Aruma's Theme and Image Songs

The highly anticipated anime movie "Feast of Amrita" is set to hit Japanese theaters on May 26, 2022. The movie, directed by Saku Sakamoto, has already generated a lot of buzz among anime fans, thanks to its stunning visuals and intriguing storyline.

To add to the excitement, the movie will be released as a double feature with "Aragne: Sign of Vermilion (Refined Version)," another highly anticipated anime film. This double feature promises to be a treat for anime fans, who will get to enjoy two amazing movies in one sitting.

The poster visual for "Feast of Amrita," drawn by director Saku Sakamoto, has already been released, giving fans a glimpse of what they can expect from the movie. The visual features the main characters of the movie, along with the title and release date.

In addition to the poster visual, the theme song for the movie has also been announced. "CYNISME" by aruma promises to be a haunting and beautiful track that will perfectly complement the movie's dark and mysterious atmosphere.

The image song for the movie, "Kaze ni Kizu" by aruma, has also been announced. This song is expected to be a powerful and emotional track that will resonate with fans long after they leave the theater.

"Feast of Amrita" follows the story of a young girl named Amrita, who lives in a world where people can gain immortality by consuming the flesh of a mythical creature known as the "Amrita." However, Amrita is different from the others, as she possesses the power to control the Amrita and use it to heal others.

As Amrita's powers become known, she becomes the target of those who seek to use her for their own gain. With the help of her friends, Amrita must navigate a dangerous world filled with betrayal and deception, all while trying to protect the Amrita and those she loves.

With its intriguing storyline, stunning visuals, and talented cast and crew, "Feast of Amrita" promises to be one of the most exciting anime movies of the year. Fans can't wait to see what director Saku Sakamoto has in store for them, and with the movie's release just a few months away, the excitement is only growing.

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