New Original Anime 'OVERTAKE!' Set to Premiere in October by Studio TROYCA

New Original Anime 'OVERTAKE!' Set to Premiere in October by Studio TROYCA

TROYCA, the renowned Japanese animation studio, is all set to launch its latest anime series, "OVERTAKE!" this October. The announcement has created a buzz in the anime world, and fans are eagerly waiting for the premiere.

The anime studio recently released a new visual and promotional video on its official YouTube channel, giving a glimpse of what's in store for the viewers. The PV showcases the main characters of the series and highlights the high-octane action sequences that the anime is known for.

"OVERTAKE!" is an original anime series that revolves around the world of street racing. The story follows the journey of a young boy named Kazuki, who dreams of becoming the best street racer in the world. He sets out on a mission to achieve his goal and faces various challenges and obstacles along the way.

The anime series promises to deliver an adrenaline-fueled experience with its intense racing scenes and a gripping storyline. The series is directed by Masayoshi Nishida, who is known for his work on popular anime shows like "Tiger & Bunny" and "Gintama." The character designs are done by Hirokazu Koyama, who has previously worked on "Kill la Kill" and "Akame ga Kill!"

The anime series is produced by Komaki Motors, a fictional car manufacturer that plays a significant role in the story. The company has also been actively promoting the anime on its official Twitter handle, generating further excitement among fans.

The announcement of "OVERTAKE!" has received positive feedback from fans and critics alike, who are eagerly waiting for the premiere. The anime promises to be a thrilling ride for all racing enthusiasts and anime lovers.

In conclusion, TROYCA's upcoming anime series "OVERTAKE!" is all set to take the anime world by storm with its high-octane racing scenes and an engaging storyline. The series is set to premiere in October, and fans are eagerly waiting for the release. Stay tuned for further updates on the anime series.

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