Zatsu Tabi -That's Journey- Announces Upcoming Anime Project

Zatsu Tabi -That's Journey- Announces Upcoming Anime Project

Zatsu Tabi -That's Journey- Announces Upcoming Anime Project

Fans of the popular manga series "Zatsu Tabi -That's Journey-" have something to look forward to, as it has been announced that an anime project is currently in the works.

The announcement was made on Twitter by Ishiken, the creator of the manga series. In a tweet, Ishiken shared an image of the anime project's logo along with the message "Zatsu Tabi anime project is in progress!"

"Zatsu Tabi -That's Journey-" follows the adventures of a young girl named Mikan who sets out on a journey to find her missing father. Along the way, she meets a variety of interesting characters and faces many challenges.

The manga series has been praised for its unique characters, engaging storyline, and beautiful artwork. Fans have been eagerly awaiting an anime adaptation of the series, and this announcement is sure to generate a lot of excitement.

While no further details about the anime project have been revealed, fans are already speculating about what they can expect. Some are hoping for a faithful adaptation of the manga, while others are curious to see how the anime will bring the story and characters to life.

There is also speculation about who will be involved in the anime project. Will Ishiken be directly involved in the production? Will the anime be produced by a well-known studio? Fans will have to wait for more information to find out.

Despite the lack of details, fans of "Zatsu Tabi -That's Journey-" are already expressing their excitement on social media. Many are sharing their favorite moments from the manga and speculating about how they will look in the anime.

The announcement of the anime project is also likely to attract new fans to the series. With its engaging storyline and unique characters, "Zatsu Tabi -That's Journey-" has the potential to become a hit anime series.

For now, fans will have to wait for more information about the anime project. But with the announcement of its development, the future looks bright for "Zatsu Tabi -That's Journey-" and its fans.

Source - Official Twitter