Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Cour 2 Announces Additional Cast and Premiere Date

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Cour 2 Announces Additional Cast and Premiere Date

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Cour 2 Announces Additional Cast and Premiere Date

The highly anticipated second cour of "Sugar Apple Fairy Tale" is set to begin broadcasting on July 7, much to the excitement of fans of the series. Produced by J.C.STAFF, the anime has gained a large following since its debut in April.

To add to the excitement, the official Twitter account for the series has released a new PV, which can be viewed on YouTube. The PV teases what's to come in the upcoming episodes, featuring glimpses of the new characters and their roles in the story.

Speaking of new characters, the official website for "Sugar Apple Fairy Tale" has revealed the additional cast members for the second cour. Nobuhiko Okamoto will voice Orlando, Koji Okino will voice King, Atsushi Tamaru will voice Valentine, Shoya Chiba will voice Nadhir, Soma Saito will voice Gladys, and Manaka Iwami will voice Noah.

Each of these characters will play a significant role in the story, adding new layers of depth and intrigue to the already captivating plot. Fans are eagerly anticipating how the new characters will interact with the existing cast and what kind of impact they will have on the overall story.

"Sugar Apple Fairy Tale" follows the story of a young girl named Nina, who dreams of becoming a witch. She enrolls in a magical school and soon finds herself embroiled in a mystery involving a forbidden spell and a missing prince. Along the way, she makes new friends and discovers secrets about herself and her family.

The series has been praised for its beautiful animation, engaging characters, and captivating story. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the second cour since the first ended in June, and the announcement of the new cast members has only added to the excitement.

With the second cour set to begin in just a few weeks, fans are counting down the days until they can continue following Nina's journey. "Sugar Apple Fairy Tale" is sure to be one of the most talked-about anime of the summer season, and fans are eager to see what surprises the creators have in store.

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