Date A Live Celebrates 180,000 Followers with Release of Exclusive Smartphone Wallpapers

Date A Live Celebrates 180,000 Followers with Release of Exclusive Smartphone Wallpapers

In a heartwarming celebration of their growing community, the official "Date A Live" anime account has reached an impressive milestone of 180,000 followers. To express their gratitude and excitement, the team behind this beloved anime series has released eighteen exclusive smartphone wallpapers for fans to enjoy.

These captivating images feature the charming cast from "Date A Live," including Touka Yoshida, Kurumi Tokisaki, and Yuzuru Yukizawa. Each wallpaper showcases these characters in stunning detail and vibrant colors that are sure to brighten up any home screen. Fans can now download these limited-edition designs directly from the dedicated webpage:

The collaboration between the anime account and its devoted fanbase is not new; however, reaching such a significant number of followers underscores just how much love there is for this romantic tale filled with spirits known as 'Spirits.' The Date A Live franchise includes multiple seasons of television animation along with various manga adaptations – all centered around Shidō Itsuka's life as he attempts to coexist peacefully with Spirits while deepening his relationships with them.

This latest offering serves as a testament to both the enduring popularity of "Date A Live" and its passionate following worldwide. With each new release comes renewed anticipation for future updates on projects related to this cherished storyline – be it announcements about upcoming merchandise or potential collaborations within other media platforms like video games or light novels. As more details unfold regarding these possibilities, fans eagerly await further information through official channels such as social media accounts or websites like Anime News Network (ANN) and MyAnimeList (MAL). For now though, let us bask in the beauty presented by these exquisite wallpapers while appreciating another triumph achieved by our beloved "Date A Live.

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