Deca-Dence Episode 6 "radiator" Synopsis and Precedent Cuts

Deca-Dence, which started airing from July 2020, the synopsis of the episode 6 "radiator", and the preceding cut has arrived. It will air on 12th August. 

Deca-Dence episode 5 Recap:

The Gears, including Unit 6 with Kurenai and Natsume, exit Deca-Dence to lift the fog by eliminating Gadoll alpha. Unit 6's assault is initially successful and they enter a huge cavern, but find many dead Gears and Gadoll alpha. The Gadoll is fast and appears to anticipate their moves, causing more casualties until Kaburagi arrives and saves Natsume. He tells her to leave, but she risks her life to get her team to leave rather than let them die needlessly. Kaburagi recklessly stays to fight the Gadoll, ignoring Minato's instructions, bypassing his "limiter" to enhance his abilities, and risking changing the existing "storyline". He kills the Gadoll, but this causes the unscripted release of the giant Gadoll, stargate. It advances on Deca-Dence which prepares to fire its massive cannon, but the stargate also prepares to fire an energy blast. Kaburagi detects a weakness in the Gadoll and attacks, causing it to misfire and provide time for Deca-Dence to destroy it. The following morning, Natsume and the other Gears realize that the Gadoll are not destroyed, but there are many more and the battle will never end. Meanwhile, Kaburagi is punished for his disobedience and refusal to admit that the world must be rid of bugs. 

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Episode 6 "radiator"


Having been captured by the 'Game Police', Kaburagi is sent to the correctional facility for defective cyborgs. There, he is reunited with his old friends from the Balancer era, Donatello and Turkey.

Precedent Cuts: