Deca-Dence Episode 8 "turbine" Synopsis and Precedent Cuts

Deca-Dence, which started airing from July 2020, the synopsis of the episode 8 "turbine", and the preceding cut has arrived. It will air on August 26th.

Deca-Dence episode 7 Recap:

Solid Quake continues its strategy of creating more battles with the Gadoll. This time, a group of Gadoll pour through a breach in the Deca-dence armor and attack the Tankers. Kaburagi, Kurenai, Natsume and other fighters rush to their aid and manage to kill all the Gadoll. 

Later, Kaburagi questions Minato about the incident and he admits that it is just part of the game plan to reduce the expanding population of human Tankers. Unable to idly await another Gadoll attack, Natsume tries to enlist the aid of the Tankers to repair Deca-dence. Although they are afraid of further Gadoll attacks, her persistence pays off and they eventually agree to help. 

Kaburagi seeks out Natsume, who does not recognize him in his false identity, but again she impresses him with her determination to achieve her goals. He resolves to stop the endless cycle of Gadoll battles and returns to prison where he convinces Donatello to help him destroy the Gadoll factory.

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Episode 8 "turbine"


Having secured the assistance of Donatello and the others, Kaburagi logs once more into Deca-dence to destroy the Gadoll factory. However, the Game Police have increased security…

Precedent Cuts:

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