Gekidol's In-Story Zombie Anime Alice in Deadly School Announces Release Date after 4 years

The Gekidol project was first announced in December 2015 and featured merchandise at Comic Market 89 in 2016. The website had featured a teaser visual for the project, with the text "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. Theater + anime + idol = Gekidol."

Gekidol anime story takes place five years after a mysterious disaster happened that erased major cities around the world. The anime centers on girls who want to be a part of the 3D-holographic Theater Material System theatrical productions. 

An in-story anime of Gekidol, Alice in Deadly School was announced back in 2016. Recently it got a release date with Gekidol premiere.

As a part of Gekidol episode 1 commencement, a special edition of Alice in Deadly School will air in a 1-hour New Year's special on January 4th 2020. Studio Hoods Entertainment is animating the series. A new visual and preview were also released. 

Alice in Deadly School
Alice in Deadly School

Story -

The story begins with the peaceful daily life of schoolgirls—which suddenly breaks down when former schoolmates become zombies. The story follows the actions taken by the girls left behind on the school roof.

Alice in Deadly School Casts and Staff - 

Anime Cast:

  • Yuu Sumio: M.A.O (Mao Ichimichi)
  • Nobuko Momomura: Chihara Mochida
  • Shizuka Murazaki: Hikaru Akao
  • Kiriko Tounuma: Ayaka Suwa
  • Yumiya Akashima: Nozomi Yamamoto
  • Kazuma Aoike: Asami Takano
  • Iori Hikyou: Aya Akiyoshi
  • Asayo Akamori: Amina Sato
  • Imei Kaihara: Kaori Mizuhashi
  • Megumi Ouichi: Saki Ogasawara (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei)
  • Igari Kaoru: Sarara Yashima
  • Yukifumi Shigemoto: Rei Suzuno

Anime Staff:

  • Director: Shigeyasu Yamauchi (Kimi no Iru Machi)
  • Producer, Planning: Satou Keiichi, Nagai Masaru (Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara)
  • Original Plan: Kaoru Asakusa (Musekinin Galaxy☆Tylor)
  • Planning Cooperation: Suzuki Masahiro ()
  • Script: Yumi Kageyama (Ojamajo Doremi 20's script)
  • Original Character Design: Asami Sekiya
  • Character Design: Kiyoshi Tateishi
  • Music: Prhythm, epx

Source - Official Website

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