Mahoutsukai no Yoru Anime Film Adaptation Announced by Ufotable

Mahoutsukai no Yoru(Witch on the Holy Night) anime film adaptation announced, animation production by Ufotable.

Mahōtsukai no Yoru, officially subtitled as Witch on the Holy Night is a Japanese visual novel developed by Type-Moon and released on April 12, 2012, for Windows PCs. It is rated for all ages. The official website has announced an anime film adaptation of the visual novel by studio Ufotable.

To commensurate the announcement, a visual preview is also released.

Mahoutsukai no Yoru
Mahoutsukai no Yoru

The gameplay follows a linear plot line that requires no player interaction as the game's duration is spent on observing the images and reading the text that appears on the screen, which represents the story's narrative and dialogue.

Synopsis -

It is the late 1980s. Rumours of a witch living inside an old mansion circulate in the city. Unbeknownst to observers, living inside the mansion is an actual witch, Alice Kuonji, a stoic woman and a magus hiding in the present day. Under her tutelage studies Aoko Aozaki, a high school student studying magiccraft as the head of the Aozaki family. As magi, the two of them secretly fight any threat that enters their town.

Things start to change when a young man unfamiliar with city life, Soujuurou Shizuki, enters their lives. Slowly, he affects the lives of these two magi. And so their story begins...

Source - Official Website

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