Futoku no Guild Anime Project in Work

Futoku no Guild anime adaptation is announced. Futoku no Guild is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Taichi Kawazoe. The manga started publishing in June 2017 in Gangan Comics. As of February 2022, the manga has been collected into 8 volumes.

Futoku no Guild Anime
Futoku no Guild Anime

Story -

Kikuru Madan, a monster hunter with excellent performance, because of his particular job in the forest, decided to quit his job because of fear of wasting his own youth. the reason he wants to quit is that one of his friends is married.

One day there is a new recruiter. Enome the Guild receptionist girl asking Him to accompany Hitamu Kyan the Lolipai Martial-Artist to keep her safe in the back and teach her how to work. So He decided to accept the request. The reason behind, he worried about her, and the other half he wanted to make her become successor before he retire completely. Sadly his plan to retire overthrew Hitamu's uselessness and always attract some monster. However, Can Kikuru Madan retire peacefully, with the presence of some useless newbies recruitment?

Hunting erotic commentary enthusiastically!

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