Tamon's B-Side Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation at J.C.STAFF

Tamon's B-Side Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation at J.C.STAFF

Tamon's B-Side Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation at J.C.STAFF

**"Tamon's B-Side" Manga to Receive Anime Adaptation**

The popular music-themed manga "Tamon's B-Side" is set to receive a television anime adaptation. The announcement was made along with a celebratory illustration and an announcement video on YouTube.

The anime will be directed by Chika Nagaoka at J.C.STAFF, with the manga's original creator  Shiwasu, Yuki credited for the original concept. The story follows Idol group F/ACE has recently risen in popularity all thanks to Tamon Fukuhara—its handsome, wild, and talented leader. Seventeen-year-old Utage Kinoshita is one of the vocal fans who greatly admires F/ACE. As her life revolves around worshiping Tamon, Utage works at a housecleaning company to earn money and continue supporting him.

When her coworker gets sick, Utage is assigned to a new client with the same name as Tamon. She believes it is merely a coincidence—until she comes face to face with the real celebrity! Her surprise only grows when she discovers that, unlike the extroverted superstar known to the public, Tamon is actually a gloomy guy with no friends or self-confidence.

Given that Utage's adoration for Tamon knows no bounds, she vows to keep his secret and stay by his side—but dealing with Tamon's contrasting behaviors in and out of work might be the toughest job out there.

The anime's cast includes:

* Utage Kinoshita (CV: Saori Hayami) * Tamon Fukuhara (CV: Kakeru Hatano) * Ori Sakaguchi (CV: Shoya Chiba) * Keito Tachibana (CV: Tasuku Hatanaka) * Natsuki Ishibashi (CV: Kohei Amasaki) * Rintaro Kai (CV: Ryuho Nagaoka)

The original manga is serialized in Kodansha's "Monthly Shonen Magazine" and has been collected into five volumes. It has been licensed in English by Viz Media.

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