Tai-Ari deshita. Ojou-sama wa Kakutou Game Nante Shinai Receiving Anime Adaptation

Tai-Ari deshita. ~Ojou-sama wa Kakutou Game Nante Shinai~ also said as GGWP.: Young Ladies Don't Play Fighting Games receiving an Anime Adaptation.

Ejima began drawing the school comedy manga in Monthly Comic Flapper last January. Kadokawa published the second volume on Thursday, which also contains the anime announcement on its wraparound band.

Voice actresses Ai Fairouz and Rika Nagae starred as Aya Mizuki and Shirayuri-sama in the commemorative promo for the first volume release last June, respectively. Ryousuke Asano and Arisa Tsuruno voiced the characters Kou-senpai and Nekomi Shoki.

Tai-Ari deshita. Ojou-sama wa Kakutou Game Nante Shinai

Synopsis -

A hot fighting game played at the girls' school!!

Aya transferred into Kuromi Girls Academy a month ago with the goal of changing herself into a proper lady. After meeting the breathtaking Shirayuri, Aya is blown away by her elegance and posterity. Imagine her surprise when she finds Shirayuri after school playing... a fighting game?! And if that wasn't perplexing enough, she is challenged to a duel by the unladylike Shirayuri!

Source - PR Times

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