Kei Sazane's Light Novel God's Game We Play TV Anime Adaptation Announced

God's Game We Play is a Japanese light novel by Kei Sazane(Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World) and illustrated by Toiro Tomose. It has been serialized in Kakuyomu since September 2020 and has been published by MF Bunko J(KADOKAWA) since January 2021. 

A manga adaption, by Kapiko Toriumi is been serialized in Monthly Comic Alive (KADOKAWA) since August 2021. Recently it was announced that an animated project is underway.

God's Game We Play
God's Game We Play

Synopsis -

The supreme Gods who had too much free time created the ultimate brain games "Play of the Gods." Former Goddess Leche awoke from a long slumber and declared to the world, "Bring forth the person who is the best in games in this era!" Fay is nominated to represent humanity as the "best rookie in recent years."

The "Game of the Gods" that is about to begin between the two may be a little too difficult, as there has yet to be a victor throughout human history, because Gods are capricious, very unreasonable, and sometimes completely incomprehensible. However, given the nature of the games, it would be a waste not to have a good time and play with all of one's heart! The ultimate brain battles of a genius gamer boy, a former Goddess, and friends begin!

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