Fantasy Novel Hikari no Ou Receives Anime Adaptation

Hikari no Ou is a Japanese fantasy novel series written by Rieko Hinata and illustrated by Akihiro Yamada. Holp Shuppan has published four volumes between December 2018 and September 2020. An anime television adaptation by Signal.MD has been announced.

Hikari no Ou Anime Staff -

  • Director: Junji Nishimura
  • Composition/Script: Mamoru Oshii

Hikari no Ou
Hikari no Ou

Hikari no Ou takes place in the aftermath of humanity's last war. The world is enveloped with a black forest and people have become infected with a pathogen that causes them to burst into flame in the presence of natural fire. The only safe source of the fire can be obtained by hunting black beasts, Flame Spirits, which reside deep in the forest. Among the fire hunters, rumours of "The King of Fire Hunters" began spreading recently—an individual who would be able to harvest the man-made star, the millennium comet that once wandered the void.

The story revolves around Touko, a village-raised girl, and Koushi, a former student in the capital. The encounter between the two, who were not supposed to cross paths, will change the fate of the world.

Source - WOWOW

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