Twilight Out of Focus BL Anime Set to Premiere July 4th

Twilight Out of Focus BL Anime Set to Premiere July 4th

Twilight Out of Focus BL Anime Set to Premiere July 4th

**BL TV Anime 'Twilight Out of Focus' Premieres July 4**

Studio DEEN's upcoming BL anime series "Twilight Out of Focus" is set to premiere on July 4. The series will air on TOKYO MX and BS11, and a new key visual and promotional video have been released ahead of its debut.

The opening theme song, "Crank Up," will be performed by Ikusaburo Yamazaki, while the ending theme song, "Unchain×Unchain," will be performed by Amber's.

"Twilight Out of Focus" is based on the popular BL novel series by Janome, which has sold over 1.5 million copies in Japan. The anime adaptation is directed by Watanabe, Toshinori.

The story follows Isamu, Mao Tsuchiya and Hisashi Ootomo make three promises: Mao must not tell anyone Hisashi is gay and in a relationship with another man; Hisashi must never fall in love or make any advances on Mao; and one must not disturb the other's "personal time." Thus begins their second year of cohabitation.

However, everything starts to crumble when the film club—of which Mao is a member—wants to cast Hisashi in the lead role for their upcoming movie. The problem arises with the movie's plot, as it is about boys' love—a romance between a delinquent and the class president. Mao is adamant to dissuade Hisashi from becoming the protagonist due to their first promise; but, to his surprise, Hisashi is easily convinced by the director.

After imagining Hisashi as the delinquent he is playing, Mao becomes overly conscious of his presence. He knows Hisashi is just a friend and out of his reach, but Mao cannot keep lying to himself anymore—his feelings toward his roommate may no longer be purely platonic.

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