HIGH CARD from Kakegurui Author Anime Adaptation Announced

HIGH CARD a mixed media project was announced a while ago, which includes anime, manga, and novels by Kadokawa, TMS, Sammy. Recently they confirmed the original anime production by studio HIBARI. The anime is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

Author Homura Kawamoto (Kakegurui franchise) his younger brother Hikaru Muno (Kakegurui novel) are credited with the original work, and Ebimo is credited as the character designer.

The franchise also revealed a teaser visual, previews, and anime cast and staff -

High Card Anime
High Card Anime

HIGH CARD TV anime cast:

  • Finn Oldman (CV: Gen Sato)
  • Chris Redgrave (CV: Toshiki Masuda)
  • Leo Constantine Pinochle (CV: Shun Horie)
  • Wendy Sato (CV: Haruka Shiraishi)
  • Vijay Kumar Singh (CV: Yuichiro Umehara)

Finn Oldman and Chris Redgrave
Finn Oldman and Chris Redgrave

Leo Constantine Pinochle,  Wendy Sato and Vijay Kumar Singh
Leo Constantine Pinochle,  Wendy Sato, and Vijay Kumar Singh




Fourland Kingdom is an island nation in the North Atlantic. In this country, there are 52 X-Playing Cards, considered the origin of playing cards. A card with a unique supernatural ability can gift its abilities to a qualified person: the player.

One day, the X-Playing Cards in government's custody were spread all over Fourland leading to troubles caused by the supernatural abilities of the players with cards across the country. The king secretly assigns Pinochle, one of the top corporations of the nation, to a mission, to collect the cards that are causing all the chaos in the country.

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