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Aria is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kozue Amano. The series was originally titled Aqua when it was published in Enix's Monthly Stencil magazine from 2001 to 2002, and retitled when it was transferred to Mag Garden's Comic Blade.

Hal Film Maker has adapted the manga into several anime television series. A first season was broadcast in 2005, a second season in 2006, an OVA released September 2007, and a third season in 2008 that ended around the same time as the manga serialization. A new OVA, called Aria the Avvenire, was released in the 10th anniversary Blu-Ray Box sets of the anime series between December 2015 and June 2016. A new film to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the anime series titled Aria the Crepusculo will premiere on 5th March 2021.


Synopsis -

The season is fall and the city of Neo-Venezia is covered in fallen leaves. Something is bothering Anya, who works at Orange Planet. Her senior colleagues Alice and Athena haven't seen each other due to their busy schedules, which is making Athena feel sad. But for some reason, Alice seems to be avoiding her altogether. With her friends Ai and Azusa's help, Anya tries to find a definitive way for Alice and Athena to get together. But during this time, Anya learns of a situation that only she can see because of where she stands.

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